10 Things Every Mom Should do for Herself

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Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball
I know how hectic our lives have become. Here are some top things I think every mom should do to keep us sane:

Shopping Once a Month – “I do exist”. Even if your a stay at home mom make sure you buy yourself something either a bag, a shoe, a dress or something as simple as a small accessory.

Spa or Salon: Everyone like to look good right? so indulge at-least 2 times a month. Even if you dont have a lot of time get basic things done like shaping your eyebrows.

Skin and Hair care- With the stressful life of a mom skin and hair are the worst affected. Develop a night care routine, use a night cream or serum. If your above 25 use anti ageing creams and serums. Visit your dermatologist once in a while.

Sleep- This would top my list as its the most luxurious thing right now. But try to catch up with some sleep even during the day, for working moms if you have a sick room in office dont hesitate to have a short power nap after lunch. At-least 6 hours of sleep is a must.

Catch up with your friends- Catch up with your friends leaving your kid with your hubby or inlaws. Some girls time is definitely required. You can see Reks article here

Lone Time- You must have atleast 5 mins of lone time everyday to know where your heading, what you want to do. Meditate at a quite corner when everyone is asleep early morning or late night or simply walk alone.

Read – Buy yourself some nice books to read when your baby is sleeping or before you head to bed. Or you have the whole internet to your rescue, read something you like, share your feelings on mommyswall.

Cook or Bake: I know we moms always cook for our loved ones, but cook something you like once in a while and indulge. Im sure your kids will follow.

Wishlist: Make a list of what you want to do even if it cant be granted. It will make you happy.

Lose weight: Im not the one saying “slim is in”, but slim is healthy. So your first step towards good health is weightloss. You can hit the gym, dance, spin, aerobics, there is so much to do.

But all this totally depends on how much time you have. So we can atleast start right?? what do you do..

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One Response to 10 Things Every Mom Should do for Herself

  1. reks says:

    So true, only if you love yourself and feel confident can you pass that on to your child.
    And yes reading and being up to date is also good,especially for stay at home Mums.

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