10 Reasons why Babies and Toddlers Cry

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By Arathi,

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There are many reasons why babies cry, its quite easy for experienced moms to decode crying, but as a new mom I know this can be a nightmare. There are two types of crying, one is crying uncontrollably and another is a little more relaxed crying at intervals. Most mommies can use their intuition to at-least detect the intensity of the cry. I could always tell how much trouble my baby was facing.

So lets start with uncontrollable crying. There can be 3 reasons

Ear pain

Ears are very sensitive and most babies cannot bear ear-pain. They can cry through the night with inflamed ears. Its best to rush to a doctor the first time, they usually prescribe ear drops and syrups with ibuprofen with paracetamol to reduce the pain. This usually occurs after a cold or if babies drink milk while sleeping.

Sign: uncontrollable crying, pulling of ears, pink cheeks, swallowing saliva

Stomach pains, Stomach Infections.

Babies cry uncontrollably with stomach infections or problems with the stomach. This again is a problem that only the doctor will be able to resolve. So any crying for more than 2 hours, rush them to the doctor.

Signs- Uncontrollably crying, crying when pressing the stomach, bloated stomach

Insect Bites

There are some insects that can hurt the baby. Best would be to undress the child and check for bite or sting marks.

Signs: Itching, body pain

Common Reasons for Crying

- Hunger- Hunger is the most common reason why babies cry as they have tiny stomachs and their digestion is very fast.

- Needs sleep- Babies get very cranky if they dont get enough sleep, swaddling or rocking the baby with help them sleep

-Soiled diaper- This is another common reason why babies cry.

-Wants Attention- Babies and toddlers are big attention seekers. They love to be cuddled and held all the time, so they can get very cranky for attention.

-Gas, Colic, Blocked nose, Common cold- These are common ailments in babies and kids. Colic is a common for babies under 3 months, Read more. For Home remedies See.

- Weather Changes- Since babies have tender skin they are very sensitive to hot or cold weather.

-Teething- Teething can be extremely painful. Here are Tips to ease teething, home remedies and a complete guide to teething.

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2 Responses to 10 Reasons why Babies and Toddlers Cry

  1. Sarika says:

    Great post, but you missed one important reason why babies cry .. that is babies cry when they are scared and when they feel they are not secure. Many adults too cry when they are scared.

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