10 Baby Steps to Weightloss after Pregnancy

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I know how challenging it can be as a new mom, and added to that we have a whole new body to accept. And before we start trying to accept this new body we have the whole world reminding us about our weight gain. Is’int it obvious you gain weight after delivery? Anyways Im not suggesting you remain overweight all your life, but its ok to take your time to lose what you have gained over the course of time.

So lets be realistic and take baby steps and not try to change in a day. Through my other posts, I have emphasized a lot on a low carb diet for quick weight loss, but low carb diets are too tasking for new moms and its very difficult to continue for long if you follow an Indian diet. So its best to maintain a well balanced diet and avoid ghee laden sweets and start with our baby steps. Hope these tips help you.

  • CRAP Diet

Avoid caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed food. This is very simple, you dont have to completely change your diet, just eat food which is not made of maida/white flour, shift from white rice to brown rice, maida to atta or whole wheat flour, you can use palm sugar and jaggery instead of sugar. These simple changes will make loads of difference. And totally avoid processed food, make your own sauces, jams, paneer.

  • Healthy Breakfast

I know many people stress on eating a sumptuous breakfast as its the most important meal of the day. But you need to eat healthy food such as oats, brown bread toast, egg whites.

  • Mid morning smoothie

Mid mornings are very important to keep a check on your lunch consumption and to prevent you from snacking. So its very important to have a smoothie. Smoothies with a mix of fruits and veggies are the best to fill up instead of plain fruit juices that have sugar. My favorite is to blend cucumber, carrot, watermelon with a drop of lemon juice without sugar.

  • No Evening Snacking and Early Dinner

Early dinners are the best way to prevent evening snacking. Finish your dinner at-least 3 hours before sleep, you will see the difference in one week. You can have a soup or fruit before bed if your body craves for something.

  • Simple walking exercises

Start with simple walking exercises, you can walk around your house, terrace, with a baby on a stroller and if nothing is possible you can follow Leslie 1 mile walk, its the best walk you can follow from your house even when your kid is asleep. Look up for her video on Youtube.

  • Download a Fitness App

Download a fitness App and track your progress, even if its very slow.

  • Eat Small Portions and Buy a Weighing Scale

Its best to check your weight once a week, its really motivating even if you lose few grams, believe me that drive will make you lose the rest. And as all dieters know eat small portions at regular intervals if possible

  • Stay Motivated and take baby steps

If you try to make things work in a few days, its may get too difficult to keep up with the pace. Assure yourself that your doing the right thing and start with baby steps, before your body wants you to do more.

  • Be patient

The average weight loss is around 1.5-2 kg per month if you make small changes. Fast weight loss is equal to fast weight gain so be patient and enjoy your journey.

Dont be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try“…..quote from google




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